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Hello fellows, my name is Sergio Ordóñez Suánez, a 30 years old graphic and web designer, born in Málaga. Mine is not the typical history because I don’t have any academic formation related to the art or design industry, I bought my first computer when I was 20, discovered the internet at 22, Photoshop at 24 and I broke into the design industry at the age of 26.

Sergio and Vero

That´s my twin soul and me.

I’m licensed in psychology but never got the chance to practice. My destiny prized me with a knee injury while I was preparing myself for the entry tests to the scientific police of my country—the perfect excuse to initiate professionally into the design world. That’s how SOSFactory was born in 2003.

Linerider character design

I started as a comic colorist, but soon I realized that slavery wasn’t for me. Then I worked six months as a part-time graphic designer in my city, but again slavery still wasn’t for me. So, I decided to start selling my own designs in forums and art communities. I started charging as low as US$15 per logo, then US$50, a year later US$150 , two years later US$250… and finally after some years I’m the one who choose my clients.

The work I did for Funrise Toy Corp

Thanks for reading!