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SOSFactory Blog will be back in 2017!

8 January 2017


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Have been around 10 years since I started blogging from SOSNewbie, it became a quite successful blog so a couple of years later I decided migrating it into domain (the one you are currently browsing) to help SOSFactory brand grows.

Again it was a success so I decided creating as an independent blog but this time with a different concept as I would provide premium resources, the best tutorials on the web… in one hand I think I got this goal by far but it was not the best decision because I barely could create 1 or 2 masterclasses per year so the blog got quite abandoned.

So what now?

My plan is a full redesign. I’m working on SOSFactory v4 and I will unify everything: my portfolio, the blog for free resources and the shop for premium resources.


I’m almost done with SOSFactory portfolio, hopefully somewhere in January I will go online with SOSFactory v4 BETA.

What happens with SOSArmy orders?

Nothing changes, I will migrate all the content, orders, comments, and users from SOSFactory Blog and to SOSFactory v4. So no worries…

Stay tuned!!

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