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The free mascot design post

10 March 2008


The free mascot design post
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Free mascot design

Searching in my old CDs and Hard Drives, i found some mascot designs. I made this ones to practice when i started designing; i never sold them… so here they are in case anyone wants to use them .

I will add more designs time to time, whenever a order from SOSFactory fails, I will upload the design for free download.

Conditions (please read):

  1. You can’t modify, redistribute, or resell the designs.
  2. This designs are copyright of SOSFactory. They are for personal use, not comercial.
  3. You can’t use them in websites with illegal content (for example: piracy).
  4. If you use it in your website you must add a link to SOSFactory.
  5. If you decide to use it, i would appreciate if you put it in the comments.
  6. If you want us to add more free mascot designs, just donate 1€ or US$ through Paypal to 0US$ received up to date


  1. Just click on mascot image and your download will begin.
  2. It’s a Photoshop file, compressed with Winzip, you just have to decompress it and you are done.

Free mascot design

Freeway´s Child : here is my first Photoshop design. I spent months experimenting with Photoshop, i had no idea of what i was doing and i still didn’t have a Wacom tablet so i did everything with my mouse. The design is original, but i think the color could be a lot better.

Free mascot design

Mago: this one was my first mascot design a little bit more professional, look how much the color improved when i bought the Wacom tablet, i started playing with layer modes to get some lighting effects.

I hope you like the designs, i have a couple more i will be adding little by little; if you want to help to maintain this section you just have to donate 1€ or US$ through Paypal to

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- who has written 58 posts on SOSFactory Blog.

My name’s Sergio Ordoñez I´m illustrator, graphic and web designer. A selection of my work is included at SOSFactory. If you want to support this blog, please be an active member: tweet the posts, participate in the discussions and the exercises :)

Contact the author

  • Diana
  • Ruben

    Hi Sergio,

    You’re doing a really good job with this blog!
    I happily donated a euro to you :)

    Because I’m a freelance designer myself I like reading your blog. I would like to request a bit more of an in-depth tutorial on coloring though. I understand most of the basics but it’s pretty hard to understand the coloring like you do.

    I know it’s practice but a tutorial with more steps would be appreciated. Keep up the work though! And thanks alot!

    Cheers from Holland

  • Angel rodriguez

    Sergio mis mas grandes felicitaciones por todo tu trabajo y tu talento , que es GRANDE en serio , me encantan tus diseños de personajes y las tecnicas que usas , y ya me avente varios de tus tutos y hay voy aprendiendo tecnicas =P , solo queria desearte mucha suerte y decirte que por lo menos para mi, tu y tu trabajo son una gran inspiracion para seguir con esto del diseño freelance, mucha suerte y espero ver mas de tus trabajos pronto , hasta luego!

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  • Cvicentes

    hola Sergio un gusto en conocerte me gusta mucho tu trabajo y quiero aprender a diseñar personajes asi como los tuyos, me gustaria tener capacitaciones tuyas si es posible, para proyectos para niños, espero poder tener esa oportunidad, saludos. Bendiciones.