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World’s Longest Photoshop tutorial fund rising.

3 February 2013

Mascot design, Photoshop, Tutorials

World’s Longest Photoshop tutorial fund rising.
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During the past 10 years I have created dozens of tutorials and I have mentored hundreds of newbie illustrators free of charge from my beloved SOSFactory, I have always thought that the best way to promote my work is by helping others. I would like to dedicate more time to this task and for that I need to develop a business model that will facilitate for me to share my knowledge in a sustainable way.

I’m designing a new SOSFactory site to achieve this goal but before it happens I need some funds, so here we go… if you want to contribute just need to visit my project page on Verkami, choose the prize on the sidebar and and follow the intructions.

You can also send your contribution by Paypal to


My goal is to create a multimedia course on coloring in Photoshop applied to character design.

It is a bilingual course (Spanish and English) which consists of text with images and animations, several live videos in high resolution, and several Photoshop files (included the final design) where I explain the whole process of digital coloring.


Photoshop Tutorial

This course is oriented to any user with basic Photoshop knowledge, especially those who would like to advance their learning as colorists with the goal of becoming a professional illustrator.

In this tutorial you will learn how to use all the tools for coloring in Photoshop in a completely professional way. You will learn many concepts in theory and practice … extracting lines, making color templates, coloring using layers, using the history brush, layer and brush blending modes, building different kinds of textures … just like I would do it for any of my clients at SOSFactory, all that will be left is for you to practice and personalize the technique to your liking.


Fund rising project

This course is written by me, I will invest a whole month of work to create the character, to write all the text, to prepare the images and to edit the videos. Besides I will have several production expenses.

  1. I will need a translator for the English version.
  2. I will hire an English narrator to have their voice on the videos, I will probably need another one for the videos in Spanish.
  3. Depending on the number of patrons who will help me, I will have to update my web server plan to manage the download of files.


I’m using Verkami, by default they only accept credit card contrutions.

Help me!

If you want to do a contribution by Paypal you can send the money to (add a note about this project, please) and I will do it myself under the username “aportaciones Paypal”, when the fund rising is finished you will receive your prize, even if we don’t reach the goal.


The tutorial and the videos are already finished; I’m currently working on the English translation, adding voice and editing the videos.

Probably, the tutorial will be completely finished when the project financing stage is complete.

Mascot design tutorial

So I can make this project real but I need your help, you don’t even need to spend money, you could contribute just by spreading the word about my project.

Thanks a lot for your support!

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My name’s Sergio Ordoñez I´m illustrator, graphic and web designer. A selection of my work is included at SOSFactory. If you want to support this blog, please be an active member: tweet the posts, participate in the discussions and the exercises :)

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  • GIGI

    great plan project and deal!! congrats!!!!!

    • Sergio Ordonez

      Thank you GIGI :)

  • Miguel Iniguez

    Nice! I will definately want to get my hands on this. Hey btw did you do the design for THC Farmer? The style looks very similar to yours.

    • Sergio Ordonez

      Yes!Funny job XD

      • Miguel Iniguez

        Nice! haha I remember I was really mesmerized by the design XD. Porque lo dejaron de usar?

  • photoshop tutorials

    The tutorial and the videos are very nice i like it.Thanks for this.Keep sharing.

  • cut des

    wow…. , good job mr. sergio. thanks for your image, tutorial and videos.

  • Amzg

    Buenas, me acabo de enterar de lo que estás preparando!!! muy muy grande!! Acabo de ver que está cerrado lo de Verkami. Como podría conseguir el tutorial con los vídeos?? Es en la web de Al intentar suscribirme de da este error: Your e-mail address seems to be incorrect. Please check it back Close.

    un saludo y gracias

    • Amzg

      Parece que ya han arreglado el error. De nada :P

  • AngelM

    Saludos, sigo a Sergio desde hace años y me encantaría recibir sus
    videos tutoriales pero no tengo la forma de enviarle la donación.

  • Drand

    Leyendo los comentarios de esta entrada me pasa como a AngelM. Conozco tu página desde hace años y me encanta, pero llevaba tiempo sin entrar y me encuentro con este fantástico proyecto al que no he podido contribuir como me hubiera gustado. He introducido mi mail en SOSArmy pero no recibo nigún correo. ¿Hay alguna forma de conseguir tu videotutorial? En cualquier caso muchas gracias por tu trabajo. Es inspirador.

  • Amzg

    se sabe algo de como van los videos??? no hay noticias desde hace un monton :(