We develop custom Photoshop scripts to automate repetitive tasks. We share our resources for the price of a coffee. We also develop custom Photoshop scripts.

Custom Photoshop Scripts

psd merger

Photoshop script that combines Photoshop layered files (or flat: PSD, PNG, JPG…) into a single psd file.

bulk rename photoshop layers

This script rename dozens of Photoshop layers with just a click. It uses folder’s name to add prefixes.

photoshop layers to png

It export layers to PNG files with the layer’s name. No more annoying  _0000_ prefixes

automatic array photoshop

Custom script that automatically arrays layers in Photoshop so you can create a matrix of images with a specified amount of files or rows.

possible layer combinations

With this custom Photoshop script you can export as PNG or JPG all possible layer combinations in a Photoshop document.

Feel free to contact me if you need to custom Scripts.

Photoshop Automation

Replies to the most common questions are listed here, feel free contact me if you need support.

What is a Photoshop Action?

A Photoshop action is a sequence of tasks you must execute and record, so later on you can apply it on PSD files individually. For example: you record an action to desaturate an image, add a filter and resize. With just one click you can execute those 3 events.

You can record actions from Actions palette.

What is a Photoshop Droplet?

A Photoshop droplet can apply 1 action on many files and works from outside of Photoshop.

You can create a droplet from:

File > Automate > Create Droplet (you must create the action first).

What is Photoshop Scripting?

A Photoshop script is a sequence of actions we write in Javascript (the best option as it is the only language available that run under Windows and Mac). For example: you can order Photoshop to apply several actions to dozens of images into a folder.

Scripting is automatisation most powerful level.

What is the difference between a Photoshop Action, a Droplet and a Script?

In this table we summarise the main differences between those Photoshop automation tools:

1 action+1 actions
In 1 fileIn lots
of files
In lots
of files
Works within
Works outside
Works within and outside
By recording an
 By creating a
 By Javascript
File > Automate
Does Photoshop include native Scripts?

Yes, Photoshop has a bunch of native scripts: load files into stack, video frame to layers, you can even create droplets with the batch tool…

How do I run your Custom Photoshop Script?

Really straight forward:

File > Scripts > Browse… locate the .jsx file and click OK

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