With this digital illustration course for beginners you can learn my best Photoshop Illustration tips and tricks. 2 educational courses for digital drawing and digital painting to become a professional character illustrator.

Digital Illustration Courses for Beginners

Digital DRAWING Course

In this course about digital drawing with Photoshop you will learn how to use vector drawing tools with a mouse. You will also learn how to draw perfect freehand lines with a drawing tablet. Learn all secrets about SOSFactory’s digital inking method.

I have divided the Masterclass in 6 short videos.

For Beginners users

  • Video 1: Introduction to Photoshop vector drawing tools.
  • Video 2: Introduction to shapes and filling vector paths.
  • Video 3: Starting to free hand drawing with Photoshop brush.

For intermediate users

  • Video 4: How does the Photoshop’s history brush work?.
  • Video 5: A real time freehand drawing video.
  • Video 6: How to vectorise with Photoshop and Illustrator.


You can see a preview of the Photoshop drawing course for beginners I have created.

Notice this is a Photoshop course about digital inking with Photoshop. We start from a sketch already created (digitally drawn or a scanned drawing) and convert it into a beautifully crafted digital design. Drawing principles like posing, anatomy or movement could be the next course to learn how to draw characters.


After this Photoshop course about digital drawing you should be able to create an high quality lineart like this:

digital illustration course for beginners

Digital PAINTING Course

This Photoshop digital painting course is aimed for beginners to intermediate users. You will learn how to paint a mascot illustration the SOSFactory way. Learning how to paint skin tones and different textures like wood, metal or hair is easy if you know the basics. Learn how to create clean and crisp shading with the help of a drawing tablet.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to extract the lineart from a background.
  • How to create a flat color template.
  • How to paint simple areas.
  • How to use the history brush.
  • Painting very complex areas.
  • How to paint hair: learn layer blending modes
  • How to paint wood: learn brush blending modes
  • How to paint metallic textures.


You can see a preview of the Photoshop drawing course for beginners I have created.

In this Photoshop course we will add color to the illustration lineart created in the first course. But no worries, you can also start here as I include the lineart to color.


Once you finish the Photoshop painting course you should be able to create an high quality rendering like this:

Digital Illustration course for beginners
Photoshop based

Photoshop Based

For any version of Adobe Photoshop

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All User Levels

From beginners to advanced Photoshop level.

Layered files

PSD Files included

All files are included into each download.

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Real time videos

Around 40 minutes real time video.

High resolution

For Tablet or Mouse

Though a drawing tablet is advisable.

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Art Foundations

Focused on art concepts, no software.

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Voice Over Tutorials

Videos with narration in 2 languages

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Thanks for purchasing my courses!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Replies to the most common questions are listed here, feel free contact me if you need support.

Do I need a drawing tablet to follow the digital illustration course for beginners?

You can follow the courses with a mouse and vector drawing tools. But it is advisable to get at least a drawing pad, even better a screen tablet. If you have no clue about it, I suggest you visit my post about digital drawing tablets.

Which version of Photoshop do I need to follow the courses?

From one version to next one, Adobe may change some Photoshop features. This said, any version from Photoshop CS will be fine. Learning how to master Photoshop is easy. Rather than explaining how tools work, I prefer to focus on basic principles that you can apply to any software.

Are your courses available in other languages?

Since I’m Spanish I offer my courses in English and Spanish. If you want to translate my courses to any other language, please let me know!

Do you have any free educational resources for beginner illustrators?
Will I become a professional illustrator if I follow your courses?

I wish my illustration courses were so powerful 🙂

Unfortunately this is a very competitive industry as social networks make it possible for anybody. My courses will speed up your process but you must find your own path.

How do I start learning digital illustration?

Googling for digital illustrations courses for beginners is the best way to learn how to master Photoshop or Illustrator. But if you want to become a professional illustrator you must learn how develop creative workflows. In my courses you will learn the professional methods I have developed during my professional activity along the latest 15 years.

Do digital illustrators make money?

Wrong question…

There are illustrators that starve and rockstar illustrators. If your goal is making quick money, you may be in the wrong path. Only illustrator that do it for love are really successful, all the rest give up before.

Will you add more courses?

I work 24/7 as freelance designer and illustrator so my time is limited. I wish I could afford spending more time creating valuable courses, this is the reason I try to monetise my courses.

Do you offer personal tutoring?

Feel free to contact me with any specific questions you may have and I will be glad to reply at no cost. In case you need art classes I would charge in an hourly fee.

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