Learning digital drawing with Photoshop


Detailed premium videotutorial about digital drawing with Photoshop aimed for newbies who want to become professional illustrators.


Good day, soldier!

In this Masterclass about digital inking with Photoshop we will learn not only to use the digital drawing tools with a conventional mouse and vector tools or a Wacom tablet (The Cintiq model ones are particularly useful), but we will also learn theoretical concepts in a fun way.

Digital inking with Photoshop

I have divided the Masterclass in 6 videos:

  • Video 1: stroking lines in Photoshop with vector and bitmaps targeted to beginners.
  • Video 2: filling paths in Photoshop with vectors and bitmaps targeted to beginners.
  • Video 3: using the standard brush in Photoshop targeted to beginners.
  • Video 4: the Photoshop’s history brush target intermediate users.
  • Video 5: a practical case that targets advanced users.
  • Video 6: vectorization with Photoshop and Illustrator intermediate users.

Masterclass Preview

I would like to stress out the fact that this is a Masterclass about digital inking with Photoshop, not a Drawing one. I mean, we start from a sketch already created (digitally drawn or through traditional methods). We will cover the subject of drawing in a future Masterclass.

Final design

Obviously you will need some practice but after reading my Masterclass about digital inking with Photoshop you should be able to create an high quality lineart like this:

digital inking photoshop

Thank you for buying my Photoshop digital inking tutorial!, thanks to your support I will continue creating tutorials as detailed as this one.

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