Pepe the Cartoon Bird

As the mascot designer for CooMeet, I was responsible for creating a  that would represent the brand and resonate with its audience. My focus was on developing a bird cartoon that was personable, relatable, and visually appealing, while staying true to CooMeet’s brand identity. This mascot has since become a prominent feature of CooMeet’s branding and is used across various marketing materials to create an emotional connection with the brand’s users.

Bird Cartoon PepeBird Cartoon Pepe

Meet Pepe, CooMeet Mascot Design

To create a mascot for CooMeet, I drew inspiration from the cartoon bird in the brand’s logo. After several sketches, I created Pepe, an adorable and playful character that captured the brand’s values while also bringing a new level of charm and personality. Pepe’s vibrant colors, bold lines, and whimsical details made him a visually appealing and memorable addition to Coomeet’s branding.

Pepe the bird cartoon: Stickers

Pepe’s stickers added a fun and personal touch to CooMeet’s messaging, allowing users to express themselves and connect with others in a more engaging way.

Bird cartoon in love
Bird cartoon is angry
Bird cartoon is kidding
Bird cartoon got an Oscar
Bird cartoon is pissed off
Bird cartoon is evil
Bird cartoon got a gift
Bird cartoon is going
Cupido Bird cartoon
Bird cartoon is metitating
Bird cartoon at party
Bird cartoon is chilling
Bird cartoon is ok
Bird cartoon is sad
Bird cartoon can't believe it
Bird cartoon at the office
Bird cartoon at the gym
Bird cartoon is hidding
Bird cartoon is screaming
Bird cartoon is sleeping
Bird cartoon is lovely

Sergio is an amazing designer to work with, high skilled and hard worker. We work with him since 2014.

– Valerian Rurua –  CooMeet