Custom industrial Mascot Logo design for Don Castor

logotipo don castor

Industrial Mascot Logo Design


mascot design don castor

Maflo International is a regular client based in Peru, this corporate group offers supplies for the construction industry, Don Castor is the brand that market gardening and home improvement goods. I was hired to create the new brand identity and some mockups to visualise their industrial mascot logo design in context. The brief defined the identity as: family oriented, warm, mainstream, fun, easy to market.

Industrial Mascot Logo Design

I created a versatile and easy to identify custom mascot logo design componed of wordmark and icon, to be used together or separately. I provided a vector mascot logo in different formats and layouts to cover all possible scenarios.

mascota publicitaria don castor
logo design
logo design 1 color dark
Light Background
diseño ilustrativo con mascota
Illustrative Application
mascota publicitaria
simple logo design
logo design 1 color light
Dark Background

Mascot Logo Usage

Some collaterals to show the client the Mascot Logo application.

Pillow branding
Tshirt branding
Business card branding
logo design

“After wasting resources and time browsing crowdsourcing websites, I really found the best industrial mascot logo designer.”

– Diego Martinez – Manager at Maflo Internacional


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