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Brand Identity

mascot logo design fixxit

Fixxit is a Canada based company that repair smartphones, tablets and laptops. Darab, the owner, contacted me with a clear brief of the project. He wanted to be perceived as professional but friendly, he also stated that the brand identity should be versatile enough to be used on several formats. He also requested a mascot design to support the brand.

Fixxit Mascot design

Darab wanted his company to be perceived as: smart, friendly and professional. After some brainstorming we pre-selected 3 options for his mascot design: a robot, a scientist and a doctor. We finally picked a doctor as the perfect concept for the aimed message.

Fixxit Logo design

Atom is the third brand I designed, they focus on security devices for the home, the connection between the message and the design no need explanations. I created a whole set of logo design layouts to be used on several collaterals.

mascot logo design fixxit

Illustrative Logo Design

logo design fixxit

2 Colors

logo design fixxit 1 color

1 Color

Brand Application

Some mockups for the client to visualize how the brand will look like in the real world at no cost.

mockup tshirt
business card design

“Sergio did a really good job, I couldn’t be happier.”

– Darab Suleman – Manager at Fixxit