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Maflo Internacional ?

Anaconda Mascot Logo

Mascot Design

Maflo International is a Peru based long term client that owns different brands that supply goods for the construction industry. Diego, the owner, hired me to refresh several of his brand identities. The goal was standing out from competitors by developing mascots and cartoon logos for each brand.

Anaconda Brand Redesign

Anaconda sells garden and gas hoses, while the original logo was a lot of potential it was technically not well executed. I made a light redesign of the original wordmark taking the anaconda mascot design out of it.

anaconda redesign
Original Anaconda logo design
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anaconda logo design
Anaconda logo redesigned

Brand Variations

As you can see mascot design and logo design works in conjunction or separately, which gives the brand a lot of versatility. Additionally I also designed 2 variations of the brand for 2 lines of products: blue for garden hoses and yellow for gas hoses.

anaconda gas logo design
anaconda riego logo design
Logo design Anaconda
anaconda riego logo design
anaconda gas mascot logo
anaconda riego mascot logo design

The Maflo Family

Other mascot logos I created for different products.

Bull terrier Mascot logo
ATOM Security
Raptor Mascot character
Anaconda mascot character

Brand Usage

I provided several mockups of the brand in context before the final approval, so the client can visualize the brand applied to a real product.

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anaconda logo 1color
anaconda business card

“After wasting resources and time browsing crowdsourcing websites, I really found the best designer ever.”

– Diego Martinez – Manager at Maflo Internacional