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Drunken Monkey Photoshop tutorial

13 February 2008

Mascot design, Photoshop, Tutorials

Drunken Monkey Photoshop tutorial
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Mascot and logo design

Hello Newbies!! You already noticed SOSNewbie is not updated latelly, the main reason is because my workload (Im sleeping 5h per day one week ago) but there is another one… I was working the most complex tutorial about mascot and logo design I never did, I spent lot of time doing this tutorial like guest writer for Smashingmagazine.

Here is a sneak peak:

Mascot design Progress
I did a step by step tutorial to show how I usually draw my character designs

Digital color with Photoshop
And another capture of how I color my mascot designs

Drunken Monkey mascot and lgoo design
Here is the outcome :)

You can see the whole tutorial here: Drunken Monkey Photoshop Tutorial in Smashingmagazine, by SOSNewbie

I hope you like it!!!

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