Procreate + Ipad time Lapsed Hog Rider drawing

Hog Rider from Supercell games drawn with Ipad pro + Apple pencil + Procreate software.

hog rider procreate + ipad

I usually don’t post sketching process as it is not very different than learning traditional drawing, no secret tips, just a lot of practice.

Wonderful tools but I still prefer my desktop station (Macbook Pro + Wacom Cintiq + Photosshop) for professional production, I will write a review of both setups with pros and cons very soon.

If you want to improve your drawing you can start from those 6 basic drawing exercises.

Once you master traditional drawing, transition to digital drawing in Photoshop is not that hard. And finally you can start applying color in Photoshop.

Enjoy! Sergio

Sergio Ordoñez Suanez
[email protected]

Hi there, I'm webmaster, designer and digital content creator of everything you see at SOSFactory. I love sharing my limited knowledge as more experienced designers did when I was a newbie.

  • udbhav midha
    Posted at 18:57h, 26 May Reply

    yeah you are right should learn traditional drawing.

    • sergio ordonez
      Posted at 20:04h, 26 May Reply

      That is key, most newbie illustrator learn to use Photoshop with no drawing foundations… big mistake 😀

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