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Fast Food Mascot Logo
Shawarma basic logo


Fast Food Logo

Shawarmaize sells premium shawarma in its street restaurant. They hired me to created an eye-catching cartoon logo and a team of mascot designs. I also designed all collateral elements, from a simple logo adaptation for easy printing to really complex illustrative logos. This way they have flexibility at time to use the designs but also can cause a huge graphic impact… they are covered!.

mascot logo fast food

Fast Food logo & Mascot Design

I provided the most common elements in any brand identity kit: simple logo design, illustrative logo design, mascot logo mascot character… I designed a whole family featuring the most famous shawarma types.

Mascot Logo fast food
Mascot Logo
cartoon logo fast food
Illustrative Logo
Shawarma basic logo
Normal Logo
cartoon logo mark
Lamb Mascot Character
Lamb Mascot Character
Veil Mascot Character
Veil Mascot Character
Chicken Mascot Character
Chicken Mascot Character

Brand Identity for Fast Food

This fast food logo was applied to different collaterals: packaging, t-shirts, coasters… that converted a small fast food company in a real hit!

Fast Food Packaging
Fast Food Branding
Fast Food Coasters

“Sergio is an amazing designer to work with, their capabilities and hard work made this job possible. We are really happy that we found him!”

– Mustafa Husein – Manager at Adorient Media Network