jameel toyota design
alj logo design

ALJ and Toyota via 3e60

Toyota Mascot for SPL

Jameel is the official mascot design of the ALJ league in Saudi Arabia, sponsored by Toyota and AJL. During the last years I have worked in collaboration with the agency 3e60mena and Toyota representatives on bringing to life this cheerful mascot design, I created a set of fun poses depicting Jameel on different situations of the game.

Jameel leaning on SPL Logo


3e60 is the agency responsible of Toyota marketing and events in Saudi Arabia.


Football fans of the professional Saudi Arabian football league sponsored by Toyota.


Developing a character for further manufacturing that appears in football


I used a vector style design for easy print in Adobe Illustrator, matching the brand colors.

Mascot Costume Manufacturing

I created 3 views for costume manufacturing

jameel mascot front
Front View
jameel mascot back
Back View
jameel mascot side
Side View
jameel mascot front
Front View
jameel mascot side
Side View
jameel mascot back
Back View

Mascot Development

I created Jameel in several game situations to be printed on collateral designs to promote the brand.

Celebrating pose
National Proud
National Proud
running pose
Jameel with Billboard
Jameel with Toyota flag
Toyota flag
Jameel in standing up pose
Standing up
Toyota 4x4
Toyota 4x4
Jameel kicking the ball

Landscape Illustrations

I illustrated landscapes with the most memorable landmarks of Jeddah and Riyahd cities to be used as visuals for 3d animation commercial.

riyahd landscape illustration
jeddah illustration

Costume creation

Once Toyota representatives approved my mascot design, the guys at 3e60 made some research to find a good manufacturer for the mascot costume.

mascot costume creation
sport mascot creation
mascot costume 01
sport mascot costume

Jameel Showreel

Saudi Professional Football League mascot having a blast.

“Sergio is an amazing designer to work with, their capabilities and hard work made this job possible. We are really happy that we found him!”

– Pietro Scanziani – CEO at 3e60