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Pokermania by Adunique

Web design, app and gamification interface

In 2012 I moved, for around 10 months, to Cologne (Germany) to work as an Art Director, being responsible of Pokermania’s graphic-web design, illustration, brand identity, UI conceptualization and adaptation of the app’s interface for new clients. I also played a key role in the creation of an online system based on PNG layers to allow the users customizing their avatars.

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Pokermania is a b2b casual poker provider offering a play money based business model.


Brands with a big online presence that lease Pokermania app to monetize their traffic.


Creating an UI that appeals gamers. The interface should be easy to customize for different brands.


I created a master interface that allows further customization matching client brands.

Design process of Master UI

Closely with Pokermania developers, I worked in the creation of the app interface, translating technical wireframes into final User Interfaces with a focus on Gamification.

app wireframe to UI

UI Customization for Brands

poker illustration 02

Once the master UI of the app was designed, I customized the interface for several clients like the German TV channels Sport1 and Pro Sieben, or celebrities like Robbie Williams and Nuclear Blast.  We also pitched brands like Playboy, BigpointESL gaming or Beko.

app interface poker 02
app interface poker
app interface poker 03
app interface poker 01

Game interface

A small selection of the screens I designed for the game.

poker illustration

Avatar Creator

I designed a Photoshop based avatar system consisting in more than 3,000 PNG items – now available for purchase – . Specially tricky was the skin tone items, due to the level of detail I had to create each facial item in 10 different skin tones… In order to  accomplish such a huge task I developed advanced Photoshop droplets, javascript and actions to rename and export layers to PNG files.

download avatar creator

From Zero to Hero

The game rewards users with new illustration background according to their progress, this increases user loyalty.

game background illustration 01
game background illustration 02
game background illustration 03
game background illustration 07
game background illustration 04
game background illustration 08
game background illustration 05
background illustration 09
game background illustration 06
background illustration 10
poker logo design

“During the time we worked together, Sergio was not only fun to work with but also brilliant!”

– Andre Pass – CEO at Adunique