What is a Mascot Design?

A mascot design is a character (animal, object or person) designed to represent a collective, incorporated or not, with common identity and values. The mascot design is a very effective channel to communicate the values of a group or brand. It can be manufactured into a physical costume to be wore by a professional or amateur animator, or be an intangible good.

jameel sport mascot design


Arabia Saudi Alj league via 3e60
Jameel is the official mascot of SPL in Arabia Saudi, sponsored by Toyota. During the last months I have worked in collaboration with the agency 3e60mena and Toyota representatives in the creation of a whole set of beautiful poses for this friendly character.


Arabia Saudi SAAF via 3e60
During 2017, together with 3e60 creative agency, I created the mascot for  Saudí Arabian Football National Team, this character will represent Saudi Federation for Rusia 2018 World Cup.
sport mascot design nestle


Austria Nestle via Kriesi
This is the kind of job any illustrator would love to do. Designing for kids is as easy and natural for me as breathing. This project had no restrictions, just a short brief, a couple of revisions and lots of freedom, the result… a 100% fun character.


USA Georgia University via Summitdesign
Another vector mascot design I created for Georgia State University. I really loved Pounce’s attitude, an edgy and fun mascot, quite aggressive design! Clean and crisp!

San Diego University

USA UC San Diego via Summitdesign
Vector mascot design created for athletics division at California University. The challenge was designing good-looking mascots using only 3 colors – with different percentages – for affordable printing on a wide range of formats: T-shirts, stationary, billboards…


USA Flag Grand Canyon University
Grand Canyon University creative department got in touch with the best mascot designer ever – trully yours 🙂 – to create a friendly, fun, athletic character to bring their events to life. This mascot is the cartoon version of Thunder, GC University mascot.

What is a Mascot Logo?

A mascot logo is the iconic representation of a mascot design in the form of a logo. The mascot logo follow all principles of brand identity, it must be: simple, memorable, timeless, versatile and appropriated.

al-ittihad mascot design


arabia Flag Al-Ittihad FC
Al-Ittihad Club Saudi Arabia, also simply known as Al-Ittihad, literally meaning The Union, is a Saudi Premier League football club based in Jeddah.
al-nassr mascot design


arabia Flag Al-Nasrr FC
Al-Nassr Saudi Club is a Saudi Arabian football club based in Riyadh. Formed in 1955 the club plays its home games at King Fahd Stadium and Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium.
al-ahli mascot design


Arabia Al-Ahli
Al-Ahli Saudi Football Club is a Saudi Arabian professional football club based in Jeddah, that competes in the Saudi Pro League, the top flight of Saudi Arabian football. The club was founded in 1937.


USA Greenwood Lake
In 2017 I created a vector mascot design of a blue jay bird for this middle school team in Missouri, the character was based in their current mascot costume. Because small teams can also have great design!
al-shabab mascot design


Arabia Saudi Al-Shabab
Al-Shabab FC is a Saudi Arabian professional football club based in Riyadh. It was founded in 1947, and was named at first Shabab Al Riyadh, but later in 1967 was named Al Shabab.
sport mascot design bahrein

AFC U19 Bahrein 2016

Arabia Saudi AFC via Designarabia-bh
Another sport mascot I created for Asian Football Confederation, this U19 Championship in Bahrein qualifies for World Championship U20 of 2017. Really fun project that I hope open the doors for future clients on this niche, I love creating Sport Mascots that become real life characters.


You can visit my portfolio of featured mascot logos and mascot designs.