My Freelancer Career

From a Bachelor in Psychology to make a living as freelance designer and illustrator, I couldn’t tell you how or when it all started, it just happened by chance… in this timeline I share my path.

1979 - 1998: Childhood

1999 - 2003: College

  • I’m in College studying Psychology. I get good marks even though I’m not a good student.
  • I abandone art for some years.
  • I like Psychology but not dealing with mental health… I look for other options: Criminology.
2003: I discover Digital Art

  • I get access to a PC for first time, I love Counter Strike!
  • I’m 24 and I discover by chance the magic of Photoshop 6.
  • I create my first mascot designs just for fun (with a mouse) but my skills are mediocre.
  • My girlfriend insists I deserve my first Wacom Intuos 2 and I give it a try as a comic colorist.
  • I’m preparing myself to join the Police Forensic Investigation Department… Not really convinced.
2004: I move into design

  • Comics are fun but not profitable… bummer.
  • I’m 25 and I’ve managed to sell my first logotype in exchange for hosting.
  • I get into logo design and I realise that, while my drawing skills are not good  enough for the comic industry, they are above average for the design industry. I see an OPPORTUNITY!
  • I’m determined to learn proper English.
  • I get a low budget but steady client list thanks to WHT.
  • I create my first “web page” and I’m determined to learn HTML and get into  web design.
2005: I focus on Design

  • I give up on Criminology and focus on design.
  • I give up the comics and focus on design.
  • I sleep during the day and work at night 12 hours, 7 days a week. My priority is not money, just learning.
  • I’m 26, I work a lot from a small room in my parent’s roof and I’m short in money but for first the time in my life I’m determined!
2006: My first big gig

  • I’m 27 and at last I’m having a decent wage for the first time… stability, long term plans. I move to Madrid to learn 3d animation.
  • I design SOSFactory V1, my first -almost- professional web portfolio.
  • SOSFactory gets its first big client: Funrise Toy Corp.
  • I create a team of 13 artists all around the world.
2007: I start blogging

  • My contract with Funrise finishes without prior warning… no clients, no income! Depending on 1 source was a bad idea.
  • I’m determined to learn CSS. A whole year designing SOSFactory V2, fancy but not usable, it will never come to light.
  • I get into blogging as promotional tool, SOSNewbie is my first blog.
  • For personal issues I move to Berlin and give up on 3d… too slow and technical.
  • Hard work and self-promotion, I’m 28 and I don’t look for clients anymore, they come to me.
2008: I become an authority

  • Universe gift me with a Wacom Cintiq, I start drawing for real.
  • I design the first of many MMORPG.
  • My blog doesn’t generate direct income but Smashing Magazine hires me as a guest blogger.
  • Envato hires me as a guest blogger.
  • I’m 29 and my popularity grows exponentially.
2009: I focus on myself

  • Peritonitis knocks me out for 2 months:(
  • Rheumatic fever knocks me out for 10 months 🙁
  • I’m 30 and I slow down and take care of myself, I manage to overcome the year the best I can.
2010: I want to be premium

  • More knowledge I have harder I find dealing with clients.
  • I find all clients whimsical, I hate freelancing… my first burnout! ???
  • I take some time off, I need a new approach and energy.
  • I’m 31 and I redefine my strategy: YouTubeTwitterFacebook
  • I finish SOSFactory V3, my first website designed for a targeted audience: premium clients.
2011: SOS goes incorporated

  • SOSFactory V2 attracts the targeted client profile: several important clients knock at our door.
  • I start creating a source for passive income: stock designs and premium tutorials.
  • More health issues: pulmonary embolism, I quit a long term relationship and leave Berlin 🙁
  • I move to Pokermania’s offices in Cologne, my first business partner, lots of projects, lots of fun, lots of money… lots of success… and a dream: creating my own company.
  • I’m 32 and hire my first staff member joins SOSFactory at Pokermania offices.
2012: I get trapped

  • I hire my second staff member.
  • SOSFactory goes great financially but my staff is not reliable, as time pass, I tend to assume more a more responsibilities… stress, bad habits, overwork and health problems again… my second burnout ???, I finally give up.
  • I’m 33 and go back to my relaxed freelance lifestyle, more focused and organised… I fall in love with Cologne and stay there.
2013: I take a breath

  • Pokermania works for a while but investors step back so our roads won’t cross again. I continue freelancing for them for a few months.
  • I’m 34 and have worked really hard for 10 years, I take a breath… the rest of the year work is not a priority and I focus on a personal research and spiritual growth! ???
2014: Celebrity in Middle East

  • Pokermania goes bankrupt so back to the jungle!
  • After a few months of hard work and low profile clients I got hired by Toyota in KSA to design Jameel mascot, opening the door to middle east emerging sport market.
  • I’m 35 and a long time dream come true… I can afford freelancing while traveling, I spend 2 months in Australia.
2015: zombie mode is on

  • Pixlwise hire me on full time for the whole year.
  • I focus on Startup Alley game, great idea, great art but not the best execution.
  • Income is good and the job is fun… SOSFactory is in zombie mode for the whole year.
  • I move to Mac and I go HD.
  • I’m 36 and have spent 10 years in Germany, I leave Cologne and get back home, Málaga! I want to settle down.
2016: I settle down

  • SOSFactory zombie mode is OFF, not many clients and competition is fierce… time to trash everything and reinvent myself.
  • I transfer from my 3d glossy style to a simpler and a more modern vector look.
  • Lots of kids selling fancy logos that are not usable in the real world. Crowdsourcing is a virus… I focus on offline businesses.
  • I start designing SOSFactory V4 (the current version). My first fully functional WordPress based website targeted to creative agencies.
  • I’m 37 and I invest most of my savings on real state in Torremolinos.
2017: long term thinking

  • SOSFactory V4 is published!
  • The year starts unstable and I get into vacation rentals as an alternative source of passive income. It works great!
  • I got hired by KSA professional football league to create their team mascots.
  • I’m 38 and my financial and emotional situation is rock solid.
2018: becoming a Football Star

2019: Coming soon...

  • Currently designing a few mascots for Maersk, the largest container ship and supply vessel operator in the world since 1996…
  • Currently designing SAN DIEGO 2019 BEACH GAMES mascot design.
  • Currently designing some cool stuff for Retrosix.
  • I’m 40 and got bald but the year couldn’t start better… 🙂