Who is SOSFactory?

Who is SOSFactory?
That's me!

My name is Sergio Ordonez Suanez (aka SOS) which means that this is simply my factory. Spanish male born in 1979.

On one hand, this is my portfolio: I help small and big companies to achieve their commercial goals by designing. On the other hand, I help newbie designers and illustrators to start in this difficult industry from my blog.


It all started in 2004 due to an accident – absolutely -, and this accident was followed by many other “accidents”: Numerous low budget clients and endless nights of Photoshop, that turned the portfolio of a newbie comics colorist with limited knowledge about nothing particular, into the beautiful creature that SOSFactory is nowadays, with such important clients as: Hasbro, Nestle or Playboy.

The code

SOSFactory developed as well as my ability as a designer and entrepreneur, a self-teaching formation that was possible due to the honesty of hard work, and the help from others who unselfishly shared their knowledge and opportunities.

My way to thank all this help is taking the wheel. Even though I’m not being fully altruistic, since I’m advancing myself too, thanks to the progress to all who trust me as a quality designer, both clients and colleagues.

The difference

Each person is essentially different, it’s easy to make a difference when you’re doing what you like.

“Communicate not decorate” is the mainstream doctrine among good designers nowadays. Although I support it, I think the goal of the designer consists not only of effectively communicating the message, it’s equally important to make it aesthetically attractive.

So we could summarize my philosophy this way: “Communicate but also decorate”. This illustrative approaching to design is the distinctive and unmistakable style of SOSFactory.